Ma te mahi tahi ka whiwhi ora

People Together Nurturing Wellness

Implicit within the Mahitahi Trust vision for the future are the connections, relationships and collaboration on which the success of the organisation is founded. These are relationships between Tangata Whaiora (consumers), Tauira (students), Kaimahi (workers), Whanau (family), Kawanatanga (Government), Hauora (health), Matauranga (Education), and Tauwhiro Hapori (Social Services) and Hapori whanui (community)

Weaving a kete of Tikanga oriented service provision for people requiring support to achieve wellness

Our mission expresses the central purpose of Mahitahi Trust which is to assist people in their desire to regain wellness through an integrated set of services (for example, health, social, education, employment, housing) based on ngā Tikanga Māori (Māori cultural beliefs and practices).

Our Story

Every person has a story that is connected to history and place.
Since our formation in 1997 we have continued to recognise important events from the past as key placeholders for future endeavours.

Our Timeline

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Te Whakapā

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