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Our eight pou were created to validate and entrench the values in all four corners of Mahitahi Trust. 



Tōku toa, he toa rangatira
My bravery is inherited from my ancestral chiefs
Quality stewardship and
Preserve, protect and shelter.
Kaitiakitanga represents the active
practice of responsibility and care in a manner that ensures the welfare, health and security of the people.
He waka hoea ngātahi
He wāhi tau kotahi
A canoe that is rowed in unison arrives at the same destination
Unity of purpose and
Work collectively, co- operatively and collaboratively.
Mahi Ngātahi involves working
together with united purpose and direction utilizing the skills of all involved to produce better outcomes.
Tukuna te aha, ka hoki ano mai ki a koe
Whatever you give will return to you
Mana enhancing behaviour.
Embrace, nurture and foster.
Manaakitanga ensures that support systems are established for Tangata Whaiora including regular monitoring, evaluations and assessments.
Te manu e kai ana I te miro
Nōna te ngahere
Te manu e kai ana I te mātauranga Nōna te ao
The bird that feasts on the berry to him belongs the forest
The bird that feasts on knowledge
to him belongs the world
Creating, teaching,
preserving knowledge.
Teach, learn, and research.
Mātauranga should not be viewed
as knowledge acquired in a single setting or situation rather it should be seen as knowledge attainable from multiple settings and multiple situations. It is encouraged that knowledge be seen as continuous and multi-directional; flowing in more than one direction.
Ina te mahi, he rangatira
Let your deeds be those of a leader
Self Determination.
To lead and to influence.
Rangatiratanga seeks to
encourage leadership qualities through the desired traits of both strength and humility. People are encouraged to aspire towards positively influencing the lives of others; creating leaders within themselves with the focus of being self-determined.
He pukenga wai, he nōhanga tangata, he nōhanga tangata, he pūrongo kōrero
Where there is water there will also be people, where there are people
there will also be a wealth of
A place of belonging.
Building foundations and establishing relationships.
Te Ahi Kā Roa seeks to create
lasting relationships with people and organisations to ensure that support is ongoing.
He toa taumata rau
Bravery has many resting places
Intimate connection with
the environment.
Sustaining tribal connections, maintaining tribal values.
Wairuatanga encourages the
learning of tribal identity including an understanding of the environment through processes such as pēpeha and the retention of historical knowledge and contemporary issues.
E koekoe te tūī, e ketekete te kākā, e kūkū te kererū
The tūī chatters, the parrot gabbles, the wood pigeon coos
‘It takes all kinds of people’
Wide set of acquaintances.
Connecting with families.
Whanaungatanga ensures that relationships are established with whānau, hapū and īwi; retaining and maintaining family values and connectedness. It also seeks to
bridge gaps between Tangata Whaiora, their families, and organisations.