About Us


The organisation is driven by our strategic vision and mission statements. These encourage us to always be striving to improve the well-being of people.



 “Ma te mahi tahi ka whiwhi ora”
People together nurturing wellness

Implicit within the Mahitahi Trust vision for the future are the connections, relationships and collaboration on which the success of the organisation is founded. These are relationships between Tangata Whaiora (consumers), Tauira (students), Kaimahi (workers), Whanau (family), Kawanatanga (Government), Hauora (health), Matauranga (Education), and Tauwhiro Hapori (Social Services) and Hapori whānui (community)



“Weaving a kete of Tikanga oriented service provision for people experiencing barriers to mental wellness”

Our mission expresses the central purpose of Mahitahi Trust which is to assist people in their desire to regain mental wellness through the delivery of an integrated set of services (for example, health, social, education, employment, housing) based on nga tikanga Maori (Maori cultural beliefs and practices).


     We believe that tikanga based services provide the best platform for tangata Whaiora to achieve wellness and we strive to do this in the most effective and appropriate way possible.


     Our vision and mission will help position Mahitahi Trust as the leading Kaupapa Maori community mental health Organisation in the Auckland region and will be done by building on these Organisational strengths:


1.     Quality services that are benchmarked against the industries best and by consumer testimony

2.     Collaboration between health, social and education services to maximise service coverage, minimise risk of unmet needs and to extend our reach

3.     Be consumer driven and community focused so that the success of all services are measured against evidence of life changes for the people we serve

4.     Integrate comprehensive services which balance tikanga Maori and nga ture kawana e pa ana ki te Hauora, matauranga me te hapori

5.     Kaimahi gaining a cultural qualification that is aligned to cultural competencies

6.     Integrate professional development for Kaimahi to become highly qualified, top practitioners and experts in their field

7.     Leadership that inspires people to achieve their goals, practice the values we adhere to, to strive for a better future and a better way for our people.